Village Brewery Uzzewuzze

After years of hobby brewing, it started to itch. All those beautiful recipes through the years and so little to let everyone taste them. After a beautiful evening, the plans only got better. After much laughter and enough beer, nobody could understand each other. After listening carefully, all that was shouted was 'Uzzewuzze'. That became the final name, Village Brewery Uzzewuzze. Now, no matter how late it is or how much beer has been drunk, there is always a chance to order an Uzzewuzze. The important thing is that there is a good story behind it.

Golden Rhino and Uzzewuzze both have a good story. So we decided to make a nice blond beer together. The biggest goal is that there is a nice story behind it and that we can bring the taste of Africa. Looking to the future, there will certainly be more beautiful beers to come.