About us

Welcome to Golden Rhino!

We originated from a group of people who wanted to get involved in rhino conservation. During an afternoon safari, we realised that a 'sun downer', a moment to enjoy nature, would not be complete without a gin & tonic. And thus was born the Golden Rhino Gin, an iconic drink that not only tantalises the taste buds, but also contributes to rhino conservation.

Our name, Golden Rhino, is inspired by the location of Mapesu Private Game Reserve. Located in northern South Africa, near the border between South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe, this area borders Mapungubwe National Park. It was once home to 'The Kingdom of Mapungubwe', Southern Africa's first kingdom. A golden rhino statue was found in the tomb of the first king, a symbol of conservation of nature and animals. With this in mind, we want to work to protect the rhino and other endangered species.

Rhino protection is essential, as 60% of the population has disappeared, mainly due to poaching. Golden Rhino is committed to preserving these magnificent animals and their habitat. We started with Golden Rhino Gin, but have since grown to include Golden Rhino Blonde and Golden Rhino Tripel. And 100% of our profits go to protecting the rhino and other endangered species.

We invite you to be part of our conservation efforts. Enjoy our delicious drinks and support our mission to protect the rhino and other endangered species. Together, we can make a difference.

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