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Golden Rhino Gin

Golden Rhino Gin

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Welcome to Golden Rhino, where our passion for protecting rhinos has inspired us to create unique and flavorful drinks. Made with carefully selected botanicals, our Golden Rhino Gin has a smooth, balanced flavor that is perfect for gin lovers. Besides gin, we also offer two delicious beers: Golden Rhino Blonde and Golden Rhino Tripel.

For those who love our products, we also have a range of merchandise, from t-shirts to glasses, so you can show your support for rhino conservation.

By buying our products, you contribute to protecting the rhino in South Africa and conserving other endangered species. Together, we can make a difference and protect these magnificent animals for future generations. Order our products today and support our mission!

Golden Rhino Blond


Discover the beauty of summer with our newest addition: Golden Rhino Blonde. This refreshing blond is made with the fruit of the Boabab tree, found only in the southern part of Africa. This unique fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals and gives our Golden Rhino Blond its distinctive flavour.

Whether relaxing on the terrace with friends or watching the sunset on the boat, Golden Rhino Blonde is the perfect companion for a wonderful summer day. Enjoy its refreshing taste and feel the warmth of Africa in every sip.

We are proud to say that with this product, we are contributing to the protection of rhinos in Africa. With every purchase of Golden Rhino Blonde, you support the protection of these majestic animals. So, what are you waiting for? Try our Golden Rhino Blonde and let the taste of Africa enrich your summer.

33cl 5,3% Vol.


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Golden Rhino Tripel


Let your summer sparkle with our delicious Golden Rhino Tripel, a delectable treat made with the exotic flavours of rooibos from South Africa. This perfectly balanced tripel is the perfect companion for any summer day on the terrace or a sultry evening under the stars.

With our African roots and commitment to rhino conservation, every sip of this Golden Rhino Tripel will tempt your taste buds and warm your heart. It's time to treat yourself to a summer treat that is not only delicious, but also makes a positive impact on the world around us. Choose the Golden Rhino Tripel and make the world a little more beautiful!

33cl 8.4% Vol.


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Golden Rhino gin


Discover the magic of South Africa with our delicious Golden Rhino Gin, made with a selection of the finest ingredients from this beautiful region. Enjoy the perfect gin experience whenever and wherever you want. Whether it's a refreshing gin tonic on a summer day or a relaxing glass with ice in the evening, Golden Rhino Gin offers an unforgettable taste experience.

With our commitment to rhino conservation, every sip of our Golden Rhino Gin is more than just a drink. It's a chance to contribute to the conservation of these majestic animals while enjoying a delicious drink made from South Africa's finest ingredients.

So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to the refined flavours of Golden Rhino Gin and feel connected to the beautiful nature of South Africa. Let your summer shine with the unmatched quality and delicious taste of Golden Rhino Gin.

50cl 43% Vol.


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At Golden Rhino, we donate 100% of our proceeds to the Shared Universe Foundation. With these donations, we can best protect wildlife and the rhino. Shared Universe Foundation is a renowned organization dedicated to the conservation of endangered species and their habitats. Through our partnership with them, we can work together for a better future for the rhino and other animals.

Unfortunately, over 60% of the rhino population has disappeared in recent decades. Without protection, the next generation will have no opportunity to see the rhino in the wild. It is therefore vital that we act now and protect these magnificent animals for future generations. At Golden Rhino, we are determined to do our part in this mission.


Our objectives are to develop and promote research, education, protection and conservation of the rhinos and other endangered species and to restore the natural biodiversity of the region.

Much of the ancient land in northern South Africa was converted to cattle ranching over a hundred years ago, with devastating consequences for flora and fauna. In addition to the dwindling habitat, the alarming level of poaching makes the Foundation's objectives more urgent than ever. By restoring the areas to their original natural state and introducing and protecting endangered wildlife such as rhinos, wild dogs, elephants, lions and many more amazing species, we can help bring back the wildlife and the land and ensure that everyone can enjoy them.

Dit proces is langdurig en kostbaar, maar zeker de moeite waard om de regio terug te brengen in zijn glorieuze staat. De Golden Rhino is een van de manieren waarop wij fondsen werven om de herwilding van de regio voort te zetten. Wij zijn een non-profit organisatie geregistreerd in Zuid-Afrika (157-334 NPO). Meer informatie over ons kunt u vinden op

The Foundation cooperates with Mapesu Private Game Reservewhere it supports and participates in all nature conservation projects in the northern part of Limpopo, South Africa. Mapesu offers responsible tourism where guests can learn and participate in the various conservation projects in the heart of Africa while staying in comfortable accommodations at Mopane Bush Lodge (traditional safari lodge), Wilderness Camp (glamping), and Mapesu Camping.

Mapesu also offers 'once-in-a-lifetime' conservation expeditions for guests to experience the thrill and active participation in key events such as reintroduction of lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, elephants getting collars for tracking, game counting by helicopter, and much more. Be part of the adventure, be part of the solution!