Golden Rhino Blond

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Golden Rhino Blond


This refreshing, smooth and richly flavoured beer is made with the fruit of the baobab tree, giving you a taste of Africa. They are known as "The Tree of Life". They can live for over a thousand years and are a symbol of strength. Since we protect the rhino, we think this is a great combination to save the life of this amazing animal.


In the glass, the beer has a beautiful golden, clear colour with a creamy texture. The aroma of fresh hops while the taste of fruity, citrus notes from the baobab tree fruit. Baobab is often compared to the taste of a slightly tart lychee. This exceptionally special handcrafted blonde beer is ideal for beautiful summer days.
33cl 5,3% Vol.

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Golden Rhino gin

This delicious and contemporary gin is dry and robust with soft textures and a rich and refreshing bouquet of the unique African and traditional spices. Taste the nature of Africa.


On the nose, it is a dry gin. In the mouth, it is light, soft and elegant and the botanicals come out well. It is very soft and elegant with a good style and a fine distillate. Perfect for creating refreshing mixed drinks and delicious cocktails, both classic and contemporary, are endless.
50cl 43% Vol.


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Golden Rhino creates spirits and liqueurs to raise awareness and initiatives for the protection of rhinos and other endangered species.

100% of the proceeds are earmarked for the Shared Universe Foundation, enabling it to continue and support conservation efforts.

In recent decades, poaching and habitat loss have reduced the rhino population by 60%. Without protection, the next generation will not have the privilege of meeting a wild rhino - so their protection is vital!


Our objectives are to develop and promote research, education, protection and conservation of the rhinos and other endangered species and to restore the natural biodiversity of the region.

Much of the ancient land in northern South Africa was converted to cattle ranching over a hundred years ago, with devastating consequences for flora and fauna. In addition to the dwindling habitat, the alarming level of poaching makes the Foundation's objectives more urgent than ever. By restoring the areas to their original natural state and introducing and protecting endangered wildlife such as rhinos, wild dogs, elephants, lions and many more amazing species, we can help bring back the wildlife and the land and ensure that everyone can enjoy them.

This process is lengthy and costly, but well worth the effort to return the region to its glorious state. The Golden Rhino is one of the ways we raise funds to continue the rewilding of the region. We are a non-profit organisation registered in South Africa (157-334 NPO). More information about us can be found at

The Foundation cooperates with Mapesu Private Game Reservewhere it supports and participates in all nature conservation projects in the northern part of Limpopo, South Africa. Mapesu offers responsible tourism where guests can learn and participate in the various conservation projects in the heart of Africa while staying in comfortable accommodations at Mopane Bush Lodge (traditional safari lodge), Wilderness Camp (glamping), and Mapesu Camping.

Mapesu also offers 'once-in-a-lifetime' conservation expeditions for guests to experience the thrill and active participation in key events such as reintroduction of lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, elephants getting collars for tracking, game counting by helicopter, and much more. Be part of the adventure, be part of the solution!